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Add music to track (TMNF)

Postby Jokey Smurf » Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:52 am

1. you need a .ogg music file, if you have a Mp3,wav or any non protected format you can use this free audio tool with build in converter
(if you already have a .ogg file go to step 2)

1a. install JetAudio
1b. once JetAudio is installed, right click the music file you want converted to .ogg click "jetaudio/convert with jetaudio"
1c. now in the target window pick Output format as OGG - Ogg Vorbis(1), click Config(2) and change the constant bitrate to what you prefer(2) and click start(3)
after a small minute you got a .ogg file (when it ask if you want to ask to album just say nooooooooo)

2. now you need to make your .ogg file to a .mux

2a. open the TMNF Launcher
2b. click Help(1) then Custom Data(2) and Convert Music(3) and last pick your .ogg track(4)
The .ogg have now been converted to a .mux file and placed in the Documents\TracMania\ChallengeMusics

3. it will now work for you but to make it downloadable for all you need a .loc file to it

3a. use this link to upload your .mux file to our server (your .mux is located in Documents\TracMania\ChallengeMusics)
(link removed, smurfs use the one in the admin section)
3b. once is uploaded follow the instructions on second line and right click and click 'Save link/target as...' and save it to same folder your .mux are in

4. now you just need to pick it in TMNF

4a. In the editor click Enter Replay Mode(1) and then Select Custom Music(2)
4b. click on your music track
4c. and now validate

you can test it by deleting the .mux file but only the .MUX file not the .loc and load the track up in solo and it should redownload your music
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