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Sliding to victory, Drift guide (TMN)

Postby Rampant Smurf » Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:15 pm

Sliding to victory - A beginners guide to competitive Trackmania
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This guide will go through the different sliding techniques of trackmania aswell as the wallbang trick including short videoclips of each trick. First of all, if you are driving with a keyboard and still using the arrow keys. Rebind the brake key to a key you can use with the other hand, otherwise you won't be sliding too well.

The basic slide

All you have to do here is turn in the direction you wish to slide and brake while still accelerating, this is why you were supposed to rebind the brake key. The idea is to keep accelerating through the whole corner. Your speed and the angle of the corner determines when you should start sliding, the more speed you have and the sharper the corner is, the earlier you have to start sliding. Of course, it wont always be possible to accelerate through the whole corner, sometimes you will have to let go of the gas to suite your intended driving line.

Repetitive sliding

This is a version of the basic slide, it works in the same way but you release the brake button and then press it again, this can be repeated several times. You use it when you want to keep a desired driving line throughout a corner, for example like in this clip the driver wants to stay close to the inner edge.

Sliding without accelerating

This technique works a bit different, it was used by many players in the very beginning of trackmania, including myself, before the improved slide with 3 buttons at once was discovered. Now it's not used as often but there is still use for it in some situations. You use it when you only have a very limited sliding area and you have to decrease your speed really quick. What you have to do here is just to release the gas and turn and brake.

Rammstein slide

This is a technique that is used when you want to slide but don't have the speed. You are starting the slide on "the rammstein". There is a small grid in the side of the track, between the small grid and the normal road there is this little edge which is called "the rammstein". This edge causes a hell of a lot of trouble if you land on it after a jump and sometimes when you go over it because it makes the car bounce a bit and it makes you lose speed. However, there is one thing its good for, and that is what this section of the guide is about. When you wanna slide through a sharp corner without any real speed, you start braking just when your wheels go over the rammstein and your car will start sliding. Just like you can see in this clip the driver wishes to slide through that really tight corner and therefore uses a rammstein slide.

Wallbang technique

This trick can be useful when you are entering a corner with plenty of speed and you don't want to use the extra time it takes to slide all the way. So you drive fullspeed into the outer wall just before the corner and start braking immediately after impact, this will make the car slide normally. This trick is often used before sharp 180 degree corners but not necessarily, in this clip you will see a wallbang where the following corner is a long smooth corner, but where the great amount of speed makes a wallbang useful.
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