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Text Tutorial, (TMN & TMNF)

Postby Rampant Smurf » Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:19 pm

User's guide for text formatting
Use the following strings to give a particular style to your nicknames/Game names:
$000 à $fff: color
$i: italic
$s: shadowed
$w: wide spacing
$n: narrow spacing
$m: normal setting
$g: default color
$z: reset all
$$: to write a "$"

For the color: the 3 caracters after the $ are 16 values going from 0 to f (0123456789abcdef). The first caracter represents the red color, the second green and the third blue.
Here are some color examples:
$000: black
$f00: red
$0f0: green
$00f: blue
$ff0: yellow
$f80: orange
$f0f: pink
$0ff: light blue
$888: grey
$fff: white

For example, to write "The Boss" with "The" in italic and "Boss" in large red, you should type:
$iThe $z$w$f00Boss
Rampant Smurf

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