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Custom signs, Tutorial (TMN & TMNF)

Postby Rampant Smurf » Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:25 pm

How to use different signs/ads/arrow markers in tracks
You can use the "Paint pot" tool in the track editor >> >
With this tool you can also customize the appearance of inflatables, among other blocks.

To use your own signs you need an image. For large signs the size I usually use 280x140 to ensure an instant download, but some trackmakers go as big as 512x256 (It's always 2:1 ratio). Small resolutions don't look that bad in the game. Small signs should have 1/4 of those dimentions.
The image format should be .jpg (I think dds works too) for images and .bik for videos and animations.

If you want other people to see these signs, you need to host them at an internet location.
Once you uploaded them on the net, you just have to copy the URL of the file and paste it when using the "Paint pot" tool ("Select URL" option).
If a green sign appears, it can either mean that your file is being downloaded, or that it's too big (in size or resolution) or the URL just doesn't work.
(Smurf Members that's need locators done! pls contact Jokey or Untraceable)

You can also use bik animations, too, which can be created using the Rad Game Tools.
Rampant Smurf

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