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Tag discussion on TMX

Postby Jokey Smurf » Sun May 03, 2009 10:20 pm

as i told on TS they are having a big discussion on TMX about clan Tag's in track names uploaded to TMX

The discussion is primary aimed at track building clans but kinda involve us aswell, i have not used our tag in trackname on TMX for quite a while, my reason is that it seem's like a lot of server's don't use tracks with tag's, but as you all now i will always put a pointer to SoW either in intro, MT or loadscreen.

if you are leaving any reply on these discussion, remember you do it as a smurf and behave there by

Post that got it started (been discussed for ages though)

And this is the post that got to discuss the subject
http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main. ... =auto#auto
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