Hi and PlanetSide 2

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Hi and PlanetSide 2

Postby RabidCaribou » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:24 am

Hello folks. I dont know if any of you will remember me but I played BF3 with you for a fair wee while. Anyway I stopped as my PC died on me then when I finally got it upgraded and fixed I had "lost the momentum" to play BF3 anymore.

So the reason for this post/thread was to ask if you (teh Smurvs) have had a look at or intend to play Planet Side 2 by SOE? I was in the last Beta Tech test and im currently in the closed Beta (which is open to virtually everyone if you can get a key) and it is really rather good. Imagine BF 2142 but with 3 factions and instead of the floating lag inducing Titans you have various persistent capture points all on one large map (there will eventually be 3 full continent sized maps) with approx 3k - 6k players. Yeah seriously that many players. There are loads of videos on YouTube and the net in general so I wont post any or give much more info on it beyond saying that an organised clan with players that are good at Shooters will totally pwn. Short example last night I was in a full "platoon" (4 squads of 12 players per squad) in various ground vehicles with air support flying over head just litrally rolling over the enemy and crushing everything in our path until a massive air assault by one of the factions called Terran republic (TR) blew up just about every tank and transport after cabbaging our air assets. Ok we got our arse handed to us but it was a totally epic awesome fight. Makes some of the times we assaulted Metro or Karkand together as infantry look like childsplay. Mmm nah that's bollocks cause PS2 isn't as hard and unforgiving as BF3 but it was still fricken sweet. Check it out.

Also one faction (the New Conglomerate or NC for short) get called "the Smurfs" so when I heard my adopted faction called that I thought of you guys and came here and posted this. Anyway let me know...

Re: Hi and PlanetSide 2

Postby blackfox » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:28 am

i may give it a look
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