recomendations for kick/ban/admin action

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recomendations for kick/ban/admin action

Postby Captainanorach » Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:31 pm

playing on the server tonight good bit of gameplay going about when out of the blue i start getting insulted by rusty_uk

i fired back and left it at that tit for tat then this happens

it's unfortunate that rusty decided to start this petty little spat as he's a regular member i feel the only reason he did so though
was because of the lack of admin on at the time showing a total lack of respect for the server.

on the next map i noticed 2 separate times that both PoLx and mj-rex1 (6 and 10 in the russian list)
went directly to our base and attempted to base rape failing thanks to moi :p but thats beside the point.

all i can do is make these suggestions, predjudiced was witness to at least some of rusty being a pillock so i would hope something will be done about him
the other 2 failed miserably at base raping so maybe thats punishment enough? :twisted:
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Re: recomendations for kick/ban/admin action

Postby PREjuDiceD » Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:04 am

To be fair I think the Anorach/Rusty thing was blown out of proportion,rusty was in my squad whilst it was going on and I just put it down to 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.People can over react at times and on this occasion I think two reasonable people rubbed each other up the wrong way and both reacted unreasonably,but nothing serious and it never got any more heated than the screenie on the above post.
The other two were baseraping,badly it has to be said. Although not a full member in my opinion,for what it's worth,these things are best dealt with as they happen rather than retrospectively.Excluding the most serious and persistant offenders.
A decent admin can judge people for themselves on a case by case basis live as it happens,that for me is the most effective way to deal with fools whilst maintaining a healthy server. Go banning people three weeks after they were causing offense and in most cases they will have no memory of the incident and feel unjustly treated,thereby setting them about bad mouthing your server and clan amongst their friends and their friends friends.

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