Aspect ratios on TV and Movies

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Aspect ratios on TV and Movies

Postby Moby Smurf » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:34 pm

On this link you can see what happens when broadcasters take out the scissors and cut movies to make them fit on a 16/9 of 4/3 screen.
It's a real pain in the ass when the TV channels crop movies to make it fill the TV sceen, this pages shows you what you're actually missing. ... ssion.html

wikipedia has a nice article on the common aspect ratios, maybe abit technical but it's all in there :cool:

Most people know the two formats you get on TV, but if you ask them to explain why they get two black bars above and below the picture
when they watch a movie on a 16/9 TV they suddenly go mute. I see people all the time who don't have a clue on the different aspect ratios used in movies,
so I thought I'd educate the smurfs abit ;) . Below are the four common aspect ratios, I stole those nice figures from wikipedia and just put a screenshot next them.
They illustrate the relation in height and width on the common formats.

The first screenshot is from x-files, X-files ran a aspect ratio of 4/3 in the first seasons(or 1.33:1 if you will :) )
The second picture is also from x-files, it's from season 8 and the aspect ratio is 16/9 (or 1.77:1)
The two movie formats are also know as widesceen(1.85) and cinemascope(2.39), generally 2.39 offer slightly better image...

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image (Keira Knightley all wet, just for you kerrin :D )

Image Image

As you can see there's a big difference between the two movie formats, once you know the difference it's easy to spot. As a main rule 2.39 offer better picture and is used in bigger budget films :shock:
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Re: Aspect ratios on TV and Movies

Postby K Smurf » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:44 pm

Just for the record...I needn't see Keira in wet nightgown, but thanks anyway *LOL*

and thanks for the education...^^
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