my nightmare trying to buy a pc game :(

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my nightmare trying to buy a pc game :(

Postby untraceable » Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:34 pm

as we all know f1 2010 is out for the pc but i forgot to pre order so i thought id go buy it how wrong was i :cry:
first stop asda - we don't sell pc games instore anymore
then tesco's, sainsburys, waitrose - all the same.
so i thought id go into town (on a saturday :mad: )
game - its download only from there partner site (they only stock good/popular games)
game station - not available but did try to sell me the xbox version
game exchange - didn't even know it was out on pc :shock:
hmv - only sell a few popular pc game

so then i thought ok i'll go to pc world (of all places) nope they only sell the top 10 games and old budget games and as f1 hasn't been out for a month its not classed in the top 10 yet.
off to try staples next door - nope only sell budget games now.
argos - don't do pc games anymore.
maplins - dont sell pc games.

so i got home and tried to buy the game (with disc) online
amazon - out of stock - will be atleast 10 days - finally somewhere i can get it but its being shipped from Greece and will take 7-9 days to arrive. seeing as i can't find it anywhere else ive ordered it just got to wait now.

it is available on steam but i won't a f%^&ing disc how hard is it now.

rant over off to watch qualifying
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