Lecture of the ages, Part 1

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Lecture of the ages, Part 1

Postby K Smurf » Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:46 pm

Step 1 : What is Reason?

Before a person can use a word and the entirety of its meaning.It is important for him to understand what defines the word.

As anyone can easily change/warp the meaning of something to simply suit their specific needs.

IE. The euphemistic use of the need for more living space for the german people in the second world war.
To justify the breach on the sovereignty of germany's neighbour states.

Reason implies that it derives from a non-biassed, non-emotional source.This in turns suggests that humans cannot achieve "pure reason" partly due to the fact we cannot foresee all the variables in place or all the possible after-effects in a nigh-infinite universe.

However, it is not wrong to say that although the graph of the mathematical 1/X does not reach the digit 0 within its foreseeable future, it will ... at some point.
So too can humans inevitably evolve to understand reason to its purest ... at some point in our future.

Now we know this we can move on.

Embedded in human culture one will inevitably find unreasonable ruling and actions, as well as reasonable ones trenched into the wording of old and unfortunately misinterpreted /corrupted by man today and then.
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