Confession time.

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Confession time.

Postby Rampant Smurf » Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:10 pm

on another forum i visit they have started a confession thread. very funny. thought it might be a laugh to start one here. i will post my confession first, its the same one i posted on the other forum. it raised a few laughs.

There was this lad at school called Ian o hare, hated him, complete twat. Well he started to see this girl that i had being trying to learn the rumpy pumpy with. anyhoos after i had finished my paper round one morning i saw a cat appear from the alley next to the shop at a million miles per second, so i went to have a look. there was ian o hare sprawled on the floor with his bike on top of him, back wheel still spinning. im guessing he either ran over the cat, or was startled and lost control. well i laughed my tiny at the time nuts off, and i don't know why but i said to him hahaha you fingered a cat. i got to school, told a few mates and well, by lunch , Ian o hare was no longer in a relationship, nor was he known as ian ohare. he was known as "your the guy that fingered the cat" this stuck through upper school and to an extent to this day lol.

only he, i, the cat and now you guys here, know the truth.

Rampant Smurf

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