joke i found

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joke i found

Postby untraceable » Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:59 am

A farmer didn't know what to call his son... after 3 weeks he still cant decide.. he's asked his wife, his family his friends..,.. he`s looked in name books but nothing stands out...

So eventually he says " F**K IT " I'm gonna go in that farmyard.. and the 1st thing i see I'm gonna name my son after it !! so he dose just that...

The 1st thing he sees is a cartwheel leaning against the barn door... so he says " F**K IT" I'm gonna call my son " CARTWHEEL"
( His second name is Jones .. so he calls his son CARTWHEEL JONES )

4 Years later the young Cartwheel Jones is starting school.....
on the 1st day the teacher reads out the register and say`s " CARTWHEEL JONES... Who is that ? "
" Me miss replies the young boy "
"Thats not your real name" she says " Now tell me your real name or I`ll take you to the headmaster and have you caned !!!
"Thats me real name he says... like it or lump it "
with that the teacher decides to make an example of the boy and drags him by the ear to the headmasters office for his punishment..

The young Cartwheel is stood outside twiddling his thumbs when all of a sudden the door flies open and his brother emerges crying...

Cartwheel says " Whats the matter chickens**t did they not believe you either ?"
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Re: joke i found

Postby pompey606 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:16 pm

haha nice one Paul
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