We're needing YOUR vote now

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We're needing YOUR vote now

Postby Danzan » Sat May 16, 2009 8:57 pm

Heya fellow smurfs, I'm Danzan and i'm friends with a few smurfs in the clan and i was wondering if you awesome peeps will help me?

In my media group sometime ago we made a drama video as part of our assognments. The the leader of our group decided it was good enough to be put into a competition

We were in the selected 30 applicants and after a weekly elimination session we are now down to the final 6...we can be in the final next on Monday if you help me with this. All you need to do is vote "Thumbs Up" at the video and you are more then welcome to watch it and give feedback.

LINK >>>>> http://www.yobi.tv/yobifilm/semifinalists/view/110

First prize is tickets to a film festival (I think) and a pretty high cash prize

Thank you and I hope we can get as many votes as possible...Spread that link into as many people in xfire and MSN as you can


P.S this is the one i want - I made another post under 'Guest' with this post, admins can you delete that one plz :)
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