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smilies test

Postby untraceable » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:29 am

i hope this is enough smilies for now
:D :) ;) :( :o :shock: :? :cool: :lol: :mad: :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :| :mrgreen: :geek: :coffee :joker :lmao :doh :topsecret :bhd :kickass :attention :idndi :gun :drive :respect :css :drink :toot :hammer :light :gun2 :cool1 :google :bhdtd :super :furious :drink2 :jump :offtopic :drunk4 :censored2 :idn :nono :jotr :sniper :thumbup2 :wow2 :crazy2 :booster :gun3 :gun4 :lol :alert :nevert :ltm :dammpc :spam2 :trash :goodidea :cry :smoking :10 :drive2 :party2 :whip2 :peace :beer :biggun :sleep :topbanner :ugeek: :ANAL: :axe: :butthead: :rolleyes: :finga: :drinkers: :bear: :tonqe: :rock: :snakeman: :vom: :goodman: :fball: :partyman: :prayer: :supz: :heart: :toimonster: :weedman: :yawinkle: :icescream: :iconbiggrin: :icon_smile: :idea1: :iroc: :jerk: :kermit: :kermit: :ky: :laughing1: :laughing1: :laughing2: :laughing3: :laughing4: :laughing5: :laughing6: :laughing7: :laughing8: :laughing9: :love1: :love2: :love3: :love4: :love5: :love6: :love7: :love8: :love9: :love10: :lovestory: :lurk: :male: :male: :naka: :notworthy: :occasion1: :occasion2: :occasion4: :occasion5: :occasion6: :occasion7: :occasion8: :occasion9: :pottytrain1: :pottytrain2: :pottytrain3: :pottytrain3: :pottytrain4: :pottytrain5: :protest: :read2: :read: :sad1: :sad2: :sad3: :sad3: :sad4: :sad5: :sad6: :sad7: :sad8: :sad9: :sad10: :sad11: :sign1: :sign2: :sign3: :sign4: :sign5: :sign6: :sign7: :sign8: :sign9: :sign10: :sign11: :sign12: :sleepy1: :sleepy2: :sleepy3: :sleepy4: :sleepy5: :sleepy6: :smilebox: :snorting: :thebirdman: :thefinger: :thumbup: :tongue1: :tongue1: :tongue2: :tongue3: :tongue4: :tongue5: :tongue6: :tongue7: :tongue8: :tongue9: :tongue10: :toothy1: :toothy2: :toothy3: :toothy4: :toothy5: :toothy6: :toothy7: :toothy8: :toothy9: :toothy10: :triplets: :tshirt: :tweety: :usa2: :violent1: :violent2: :violent3: :walk: :walk: :wav: :wave: :alien: :alien: :bom: :drunken: :albino: :bigsmurf: :blackeye: :bounce: :brilsmurf: :cat: :cheers: :cheese: :cherry: :clown: :colors: :compress: :cyclops: :cyclopsani: :faroah: :flower: :geek: :joker: :king: :monkey: :pale: :pirate: :pirate: :profileleft: :profileleft: :profileright: :pukeleft: :pukeright: :queen: :rabbit: :reindeer: :rr: :salute: :santa: :scratch: :shaking2: :shaking: :silent: :smurf: :smurfin: :spiderman: :study: :sunny: :thumbright: :thumbleft: :tongue: :angryfire: :argue: :bootyshake: :brave: :cussing: :cwm10: :cwm21: :cya: :dark1: :dink: :disgust: :edfirst: :evil3: :fart: :fucyc: :hal :hmph: :withstupid: :knob: :la: :blah5: :mumum: :munky2: :newb: :nike: :offtheair: :pain10: :puke: :sith: :spam1: :spam2: :stfu: :stop: :tard: :tool: :3some: :angel1: :angel2: :angel3: :angel4: :angel5: :angel7: :angel8: :angel9: :angel10: :angel10: :angel11: :angel12: :angel13: :angry1: :angry2: :angry3: :angry4: :angry5: :angry6: :angry7: :angry8: angry9: :banghead: :binky: :blob: :blob2: :blob3: :blob4: :blob5: :blob6: :blob7: :blob8: :book: :booty: :boxing: :brushteeth: :bs: :bunny: :cat: :clock: :coffee: :coffee2: :color: :computer: :confused1: :confused2: :confused3: :confused4: :confused5: :crybaby: :director2: :director: :dog: :dontknow: :downtown: :duckie: :evil1: :evil2: :evil3: :evil4: :evil5: :female: :fish: :glasses1: :glasses2: :glasses3: :glasses4: :glasses5: :glasses6: :glasses7: :glasses8: :glasses9: :glasses10: :glasses11: :grommit: :happy1: :happy2: :happy3: :happy4: :happy5: :happy6: :happy7: :happy8: :happy9: :happy10: :happy11: :headbang: :hello1: :hello2: :help: :hiding: :hippy2: :home: :homework:
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Re: smilies test

Postby Jokey Smurf » Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:28 pm

Smiley party :drunk4 :party2 :beer :topbanner :partyman: :occasion5: :occasion9: :occasion6: :wav: :blob: :blob8: :blob7: :blob5: :blob3: :blob2: :headbang: :hello1: :hippy2: lol
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Re: smilies test

Postby Beanie Smurf » Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:09 pm

^ Loving all Of them! ^ What a Rave!
^ Looks about right! :P
^ Aha.. No comment!
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