Once upon a time there was a trip to Miami ...

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Once upon a time there was a trip to Miami ...

Postby K Smurf » Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:55 pm

Helloooo everyone and welcome back to KVR after a loong loong vacation with a holiday themed edition.
First of all, I hope everyone is having a great vacation/summer as KVR is back

This time about a tale of a trip of epicism to Miami from Lagos.
On july 21st, We decided we would trek to Miami, Florida in search of an adventurus flight from Lagos, Nigeria...

Arrived in ot & steady Lagos, one of the biggest metropolitans on the african continent from a previous flight, we had instilled within our very being a sense
for adventure within a long haul flight scanning through the biggest cities of the world we finally settled for Miami...

Setting up for a flight of 11h 40m in lagos was relaxation as we had recently discovered the mysterious realm of the SkyBlueRadio boys who's notorious simian called
Otto Matix spun up some jamming tunes in preflight procedures while my second man was constantly worrying about equipment being stolen off his plane...

After a karaoke taxi we got to takeoff from this incredible african metropolis with our sights firmly set for the Mid-Atlantic and our final destination... Miami

Throughout climb as we crossed the ouagadougou VOR (I know, so hard to pronounce, right?) and cruise we enjoyed as ye goode olde simian Otto Matix dished out a 5 course meal of 90s nostalgia.
Ahh yes...the good ol' days,

As we entrenched upon the most hostile territory of the mid-atlantic, where tales of lost ships & planes, storms from hell and the vast expanse of an equitorial ocean the size of the universe itself roams.
....and yes...It really was that horrible.... in our imagination.

Arrival into Miami was an act of divine pleasure as it coincided with the advent of a new friendship found along the way as well as a most pleasurable landing in the famed sunshine state...

Followed by satisfied passengers exiting the plane as they went along their merry way, pleasured by their destination, ... satisfied by the memory of their flight.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for the next KVR!!
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Re: Once upon a time there was a trip to Miami ...

Postby ManiaSmurf » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:40 pm

It was a long night, but a most eventful one at that what with otto matix and anson and those random guys nicking our tyres, plus the long hours of skyblue radio and nothing else :P
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