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hippy happy bot commands

Postby Rampant Smurf » Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:24 pm

Command Description Status

!info Check, if the bot is alive. Implemented.

!help See all available commands. Implemented.

!ip Get the IP for directly connecting via LAN. This is a way around GameSpy and might improve stability. Implemented.

!kick nickname Try to kick the specified player. This will fail, if the Bot could not (yet) catch its nickname correctly. (Requiring 5000+ points) Implemented.

!points [nickname] Check your points or the points of nickname. Will also give info about the rank and your activity-level (active = using micro, flying and not only parking, ...). Activity is measured in "Levels", from "Watching aircrafts from the Lobby Cafe", "Gate Camper", "Co-Pilot", "Pilot", "Flight Captain", "Senior Flight Captain", up to "Airline Chief". Implemented.

!miccheck Get information, if the host can receive microphone output from your computer. Implemented.

!micstats Get information about the people who have been using their microphone within the last period. A period is between 1 and 120 seconds.
Hint: This way it is possible to determine who was calling the ATC. Also this can be used to detect misconfigured microphones (i.ex. microphone always open, ...) Implemented.

!job or
!publicjob Get a job from the Bot telling you, where to fly in what time. If you succeed, you will gain between 80 and 300 points. Otherwise you lose between 80 and 300 points. It has a cheat detection implemented and will detect your aircraft type (small prop, medium jet, large jet) and chose the according job for you randomly. Public jobs are special jobs for everyone, i.ex. you need to find a missed aircraft. The first player finding it, gains 120 bonus points. The first does not need to be the one who started the public job, that's why they are called "public" ... Implemented.

!cancel Cancel a job. This will cost 20 points. Implemented.

!status Get information about the time left for your running job. Implemented.

!weather or !weather ICAO Get local weather information from the host's weather station. If you enter also an ICAO (i.ex. !weather EDDM with EDDM being the ICAO of Munich), you will receive the actual weather at the airport given by ICAO. Implemented.

!race Start or join an air race. All players fly to a given goal destination. The first will gain 50 points from each other player. Example: 3 pilots are racing. The first will gain 100 points, 50 from each of the other 2 players.
Hints: When starting the race, the Bot will check, if all aircrafts are within 1nm of the race-host (= the person, who started the race). Also it will be checked, if all aircrafts are grounded. All not matching players will be disqualified. Deprecated.

!ban/!unban nickname reason This will not only kick the player, but ban him permanently. This command can only be used by the Top 10 Admins. The reason, the banner and the date and time are also stored with this command. Implemented.

!autogreet text This will make you being greeted by the Bot each time you are joining. You can set the greet text you like or modify it later. This will cost 2000 points once. Note: You cannot use special characters in your autogreet. Implemented.

-- Crashing will be detected by the Bot. Crashing will cost you 5 points. Implemented.

-- Flying a glider will cause your connection being terminated. The reason is, that these aircrafts are causing problems: For ATC controlling, for other players or for the server load (EC-527 planes for the gliders, which will remain on the server due to a FSX bug). Implemented.

-- Spawning on the runway may result in a kick (after being asked to exit the runway) - and only, if there is an active ATC. Also this should only be detected on the Host's Main Airport (i.ex. Frankfurt/Main, EDDF). This is for ensuring the safety of starting or landing aircrafts in the controlled area. You can prevent spawning on runway by chosing i.ex. a gate as start position in the airport-menu in the lobby.
Hints: You are kicked only, if strictmode (see !strictmode below) is turned on. Please notice also, that you will always lose 5 points, if you use the active runway without contacting the ATC. This is true even if there is no active tower, since there is an automated ATC at the host's airport (i.ex. EDDF), which will handle the active. Use !taxi/!takeoff/!land if you want to fly correctly without a 5 points penalty. Or use one of the inactive runways. On the other hand, if you use !taxi/!takeoff or !land you will gain bonus points (between 0 and 15, depending on what routine the ATC is giving you and depending on if you do exactly what the ATC telling you or not, ...). Of course all this is only, if the ATC Addon is turned on on the bot-side. Implemented.

!callsign See your callsign.
This will show 2 callsigns: 1) your "internal" callsign, which is also painted on your aircraft - 2) the ATC-callsign, which is constructed from your airline and your flight number. I.ex. if you are Lufthansa flight number 1123 your callsign might be Luf1123 Implemented.

-- Since the database is growing daily the system will automatically reduce everyones points by 20 each day. This way the database is hold on a medium level and people never joining will be deleted by the time. Implemented.

!tower Showing you all ATCs settled by people. It will also give you the active frequencies. Hint: If you want to know the active ATCs, use !atc instead. Implemented.

!atc Only showing the active ATCs. Active means, that the bot recognized activity (microphone) within the last 5 minutes. Implemented.
-- Bot voice - For some communication the Bot will use voice. For example during the strictmode the Bot will use the microphone for trying to contact the players to tell them to contact the ATC and so on... Implemented.

!taxi or
!taxi ICAO,
!land Starting with the first addon for the bot ... This is an really exciting Voice ATC addon. It will react to your microfone ("...requesting permission to ...") as well as to chatbox commands !taxi, !takeoff, !land. Up to now this is only in an early development stage and actually the addon is not yet linked all the time. If it is, it will do some ATC services on the host's main airport (i.ex. EDDF). It can give you taxi/takeoff/landing clearance (based on the traffic at the airport and airspace) as well as give you vectors informations and other hints (like altitude, ...). Once out of Alpha or Beta stage it will be a 24/7 ATC for this server. It will get smarter and smarter and it will be able to handle more traffic.

!taxi ICAO will give you a more complex departure routine, according to the destination airport given by ICAO. This is only working with the !taxi command!
Example: Type "!taxi EDDK". This will lead you in a standard instrumental departure via VOR Taunus (TAU) to the right course. The whole procedure is including a change to Langen Radar, the responsible authority for handling on course traffic. Just give it a try!

Note: The ATC Addon must be turned on on the bot-side for all these commands to work. As player you do NOT need any additional addon.
-- Activity measurement. The bot will try to detect "good pilots". Good pilots are people using their microfone to contact the ATC and flying actively on the server. Good and active pilots will gain some bonus points ... (Note: During beta phase there are no additional points given out) Implemented.

!lastmicuser Showing the last person using his microphone. This can be useful, if we need to find out who is causing a disruption in VoIP transmission... Implemented.

!icao <icao> or <airfield> Showing you the ICAO for the given airfield, or the airfield for the given ICAO. If there are more than one ICAO, it will show all (i.ex. !icao Berlin will find many entries, since there are many cities with "Berlin" in its name). Implemented.

!strictmode Setting strictmode on/off. If on, the bot will support the ATC on the host's main aiport (i.ex. EDDF) by removing players, not contacting the ATC via microphone. Implemented.

Bot Commands, FSX Bot v 1.1 (outdated)
(version in development - red = planned, orange = in work, green = working)

* !job: Depending on your aircraft (prop, civil jet) it will give you the corresponding, randomly chosen job. Points depend on the difficulty of the job.
* !race: Deprecated, since it is hardly used.
* Security Addon: Locking access to correct identification. You do not need a password, the bot is using an algorithm detecting your identity correctly anyways.
* Bug fixing: instability bug, !ban bug (and new ban infos, like who, reason, date and time), !kick bug. New data handling core (stability). ATC bugs (runway in use bug, addon-core interaction, stability bug due to data processing). Language bug (i.ex. with russian versions of FSX, causing the bot from time to time to crash due to wrong encoding ...). Command in text bug. Icao capitals bug, VA-Logo upload, VA-"Ghosts" after bot restarts
* New message processing core. This is a complex task ...
* VA-Support: Ppl can register their virtual airline (VA) on the homepage. They can enter flight schedules which the bot will control. If public, interested players can do a flight for the VA from the schedule and if in time and successful gain some bonus.
* Activity measurement: Activty is measured. Active = using micro and flying instead of just parking. Depending on your activity, the bot is classifieing you into different Levels: "Watching aircrafts from Lobby Cafe", "Gate Camper", "Co-Pilot", "Pilot", "Flight Captain", "Senior Flight Captain", "Airline Chief"
* ATC: multiple runway handling, multiple airport handling
* !bios-command: Giving informations about yourself, like age, interests, preferred aircrafts, ... There will be an according web-page, where you can enter these informations, if you like. That is just for fun/information/community building and not necessary for anyone to fill out who does not want to.
* Aircraft-Packages: Not really a bot thing, but a community task. There are some cool free aircraft paints and new aircraft types on different webpages. Perhaps someone can bundle them from time to time to a .zip file, which can be downloaded from this webpage. Of course the models must be freeware (copyrights!) [Comment: Mo256 gratefully made two .zipped collections for downloading. As soon as I get the links I set them on the HP]

Command Description Status
!bios <nickname> A bios is a profile. This command will show age, city, country of <nickname>. Implemented.

!va or !va <nickname> VA = Virtual Airline
The command !va will select the next flight from the flight schedule (that is on homepage) of your VA, that you have booked, and control this VA-Flight. So, you a) need to be a member of a VA and b) have a VA-Flight booked on the homepage for this to work. If you start your VA-Flight, then keep in mind, that you normally cannot cancel it. You will gain as pilot some bonus points if you succeed and minus points, if you fail. How many points you will gain/lose depends on the distance of the VA-Flight. Your VA is also gaining or losing points. How many is in this case the amount stated on the homepage next to that specific flight and can be chosen by the VA-Admin.

The command !va <nickname> is showing you, if <nickname> is member of a VA and if yes, member of what VA. It will print out something like "<nickname> is member of the virtual airline XY".

Note: Most VA related things are handled from within your bios-setup page. So you first setup a bios profile, then next time, if you go on your bios setup, you will have there additional choices, like founding a VA, editing your VA, joining or parting a VA, ... Implemented

!addtower <icao> <freq> The Bot ATC will control <icao> tower on frequency <freq>. This has influence on !taxi, !land, !takeoff as well, since these commands will the also work in the airspace around <icao>. Implemented.

!removetower <icao> The Bot will part control of <icao>. Implemented.

!weatherextremes The Bot will scan major european cities for their actual weather. It will print out a summary of hottest, coldest, most winds, ... Just for fun :) Implemented.

!tower Turning ATC addon ON or OFF. Only Top 10 Admins can use this command. Implemented.

Bot Commands, FSX Bot v 1.2 (actual version)

* "Virtual Life": Bringing more life into your virtual airline by adding passengers and costs for airport usage. It's the further development of the VAs (Virtual Airlines).
* !license command for replacing the Flight-Level shown when you type !points. You can then make pilot licenses on different levels: Small aircraft (Cessna 172), small jets (CRJ 700), medium jets (B737/A321), large jets (B747/A380). Such a license could be the entry ticket for a Virtual Airline (Virtual Life, VL) or might become important for landing on a main hub like Frankfurt/Main International, if the bot is set to such a strict mode.
* !strictmode: This command will be limited to Top 10 Admins. Also it will have suffixes: !strictmode off, !strictmode low, !strictmode high. Accordingly it will turn strictmode off, strictmode to a low level, like giving ATC clearances only to pilots with the according pilot license, or a strict level, kicking spawning users after one warning.

* !jobliner: Adding networked flightplans. Be in time and gain points, lose some if delayed.

* !details <icao>: Give ILS and other informations about airports.

* Variable soundsets: Play sounds to new users, before being kicked and integrated into jobliners ....

!vl (<nickname>) Starting your VL (Virtual Life) flights by creating a flightplan. You need to be a member of a VL for this to work. If <nickname> is given, you will see the VL nickname is a member of. The flightplan will give out the ETA (estimated time of arrival). You need to be landed at the destination at this time (+ - 5 minutes tolerance). If you manage, you gain points (depending on the number of passengers and the number of legs you have flown already as well as the distance and fixed costs). Otherwise you will lose points. Even if you are in time you can lose points. This is because the Bot will calculate also fixed costs for your airline which can be higher than the points you gain with this flight (ex: You fly with very few passengers, ...). Finally the flightplan is containing the number of passengers and your waiting obligations. If you need to wait for another player you need to wait on ground until this other player has landed and the bot is giving you the clearance to your next destination. Implemented.

!jobliner (<airline>) Similar to VLs, just jobliners work without being a permanent member. So it is good for getting used to the flightplans-flying which is required with VLs too. If not airline is given, this command will just print all available jobliners. If airline is given, the jobliner is started and a flightplan is created. Implemented.
!details <ICAO> Printing out available airport informations for ICAO. Implemented.

!cancel Re-worked: !cancel will remove you from ATC, cancel a !job and a !vl/!jobliner. Example: You're flying a job and are using the Bot ATC. If you type !cancel, it will first cancel the ATC. If you type again it will cancel the job. Cancelling ATC is free. Cancelling a job costs 20 pts. Cancelling a jobliner/VL is costing 100 points (if you cancel during flight) or 5 points if you cancel while being grounded. Implemented.

!va Removed and replaced with the !job <ICAO> command. Deprecated.

!cancelwait This will cancel your wait-obligations within VLs/jobliners Implemented.

!exams This will print out all the exams candidates (they typed !license to come on the list). Exams are flying tests. There are these licenses: Ultralight, Prop, Turbo Prop, Small Jet, Jets. Licenses are used for joining VLs and the ATC bot will give more complex arrival / departures to people having a license. Implemented.
!license This will set your nickname on the exams list. An examinor will contact you for taking the license flight with you. If you succeed, you get the license for the next aircraft class (Ultralight, Prop, Turbo Prop, Small Jets, Jets). One license is costing you 2000 points. Implemented.

!job (<ICAO>) Re-worked: If you specify an ICAO, the bot will give you a job to this destination. Without ICAO you will get a random job. The points and time for the job depends on the distance to the destination. You gain these points, if you land there on time. Otherwise you lose just this amount. Implemented.

!weather (<ICAO>) Re-worked: If you type !weather without an ICAO, you will get a list of extreme weather situations (hot, cold, snowy, thunderstorm, ...). If you give an ICAO you get a detailed weather report for this ICAO. Implemented.

!status This will print your job or VL/jobliner status. With jobs it will print the time left. With VLs/jobliners it will print the flightplan you need to fly as well as the ETA (the times you need to be landed) and the passengers number. Also it will print your waitfor-obligations. Implemented.

!stats This will print out some informations about the online players. Implemented.

!vlstats This is giving you some stats about your jobliner/VL successes, like the percentage of your successful flights, the total number of passengers you have transported, ... Implemented.

!cancelatc This is cancelling the ATC for you. Implemented.

!callsign (<nick> or <newcallsign>) Re-Worked: This command can be used in three ways. If you type !callsign it will print out your actual callsign (as far as it could catch it). If you type !callsign <nick>, it will print out nick's callsign. If you type !callsign <newcallsign>, it will set your callsign to newcallsign. Implemented.
!strictmode (<off> or <low> or <medium> or <high>) Without parameters you will see what strictmode level is used. With parameters you change the strictmode to the given level. In general the strictmode is used to kick players who don't use ATC on an airport which has a Bot-ATC installed. This way it is keeping the airport clean for players using ATC.

<off> - No strictmode.

<low> - Kicking players who use a runway on an ATC controlled airport, but only if that runway is needed by ATC. (Recommended setting)

<medium> - Kicking players who use a runway on an ATC controlled airport, no matter if the runway is really needed for ATC-traffic in that moment.

<high> - Kicking players who use a runway, taxi or fly in near airspace of an ATC controlled airport (no matter if there is any ATC-traffic in that moment). Also will restrict ATC support to players with a valid license (minimum: Prop license). For keeping kicks to a tolerable amount, strictmode high will not work on the host airport. It will use <low> setting there.
Changing strictmode is limited to Admins. Implemented.

Bot Commands, FSX Bot v 2.0 (version planned)

* Microsoft Virtual Map integration
* AI spawner-bug-kill-detection mechanism
* !flightplan command: This creates a quick FPL to a given destination. It can also interact with the ATC Bot.
* Micro flood detection autokick
* ATC: Full complex ATC support, including taxiways and gates, instrumental departures and arrivals, flightplans and airspace control i.ex. Langen Radar.
* MULTIPLAYER SDK: With this SDK developping multiplayer addons will be possible for everyone.
* Smart, modularized architecture: Core - ATC Addon - Standard Addon - dynamically loading DLL Addons
* PUBLIC VERSION: v2.0 is planned to be released to the public
* PUBLIC TOOLS: During bot development I coded many things some ppl might find useful. These can be released as standalone tools.
o Multiplayer Kick/Ban Tool: Allowing you AND your trusted Admins on your server to kick/ban players not watching your servers rules.
o GameSpy Connector: This thing will log you into GameSpy without you needing to try it for ages by hand ....
o FSX Multi Server: A tool connecting several FSX Servers together.
o Multiplayer SDK: A simple SDK allowing access for interested programmers to some vital multiplayer variables (like player names, plane datas, ...).
o Multiplayer AI Kit: Allowing you to code multiplayer AI aircraft. Still a little bit rusty, but it is working and might be useful for some server hosters.
o Multiplayer AI Ghost Killer: Killing automatically ghost AIs, either spawned by bad ppl trying to mess up your server or by (good) ppl who like gliders. This way you can host multiplayer glider sessions without having a mess within no time.
o Multiplayer Anti-Disconnections: A little tool, that is improving the connection stability.
o HippyHappy Request Blocker: Actually in version 3.0 available, this tool will deny all friends/chat requests. It will prevent this way your server to be disconnected from GameSpy what will happen, if you do not deny/accept such requests in time.

!flightplan (<ICAO>) This command will calculate a flightplan from your actual position to <ICAO>. The flightplan will be stored and can be re-printed if you type !flightplan again. The flightplan includes a timestamp and will be deleted after a while. Beta.
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