The beautiful & Precious Islands event : A Tale

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The beautiful & Precious Islands event : A Tale

Postby K Smurf » Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:54 pm

Nihao everyone.

I come here to tell you the tale of the beautiful and the precious islands of Taiwan & Okinawa.
Nah, the vatsim event about the beautiful and precious islands of taiwan and okinawa,
consisted of a flight from taipei's secondary airport RCSS to naha airport ROAH on the Island of Okinawa.

But before we get to that I bet you want to know why these islands got their nicknames.
Well these 2 islands have some of the most lush and beautiful vegetation and landscapes in the world
and once you've been there you will never see another place like it, But they'e also precious because of that and despite
Taipei being a fullblown metropolis the rest of taiwan is pretty much nature.Okinawa however can be called precious because
of its strategic position in the Pacific as we've seen because it was a major battlefield in WWII
and helped the US eliminate the threat that was Japan at the time.

Back from our flashback, I should say the flight was like a peacefull promenade in an emperial garden envelopped in Sakura flowers.
With this I mean the traffic flow wasn't choatic and overbearing like CTP, but rather
soothing and comfortable.Beginning at Taipei was a grand pleasure, as during peflight work I just gazed out the windshield toward
Taipei101 which was a stone throw away from the airport and was being covered more and more by the overcats which was coming
in increasingly faster.

By takeoff it was already raining, but as I love rain in fsx I was delighted.
The controller service was sublime as even with full coverage there was no stress,transitions went fine and as I got up to my crz altitude of FL210
I could take a look at the Precious island of Taiwan getting smaller and smaller in the background.
In the event there was hue of calmness surrounding everyone like an aura of oriental enlightenment.

During cruise I could comfortably sit back and have a bite while I saw eventgoers whizz along above me and waving them goodbye as they did...

Into approach I set my eyes on the Beautiful island of Okinawa with the crystal blue water just off the airport..a sight to behold as well together
with some puffy clouds along the approach (like a dream aint it?).

The landing was dicey as I wanted to get 1 bit of excitement in there and did a little drifting on the landing.
And... that was it, the friendly GND controller told me to choose a stand (Really?) and I reluctantly did ...

Once there, I - as any pilot would do - shut off the engines, thanked the controllers and opened the door to reveal to the Okinawan citizens not an emperor or a foreign invader
but an average guy happy to be able to have made such a comfortable and peace giving flight.

So... I retreated to my Okinawan 3 star hotel with a cute Japanese Geisha Girl.

Sayonara ! :D

=> **Stay tuned on KVER for the next Vatsim Event Report**

Listen to this report:
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Re: The beautiful & Precious Islands event : A Tale

Postby Rampant Smurf » Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:43 pm

very cool write up kerrin. really enjoyed reading that, you have a great way with words my friend.

keep up the good work, im looking forward to many more :)
Rampant Smurf

Re: The beautiful & Precious Islands event : A Tale

Postby ManiaSmurf » Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:03 am

Nice report, we will make the audio one today :)
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