Prague's runway to hell : A day on the job.

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Prague's runway to hell : A day on the job.

Postby K Smurf » Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:18 am

Prague's runway to hell : A day on the job.

ON april 10th one of our very own pilots flew to Prague's runway to hell we accompanied him on the job.

Flight No. : EZY5495
Gatwick (EGKK) -> Prague (LKPR)
Departure: 1600z
Touchdown: 1830z

How was the departure from Gatwick in an everyday pilot's life?

On a weekday, its very quiet, however dispatch told us to expect lots of traffic at prague.
So yeah, i'm glad we at least had a peacefull departure.(laughs)

Any particular incidents enroute ?

Nah, Went straight under maastricht control with out a hitch,
was very glad he didnt re-route me, however , he forgot to hand me off to prague control, so I had a rushed descent.

Was there anything stressfull about the flight at any moment?

Yeah, the rushed descent nerved the passengers quite a bit, however a free drink quickly solved that problem(grins)

How was the enroute weather, we all know european weather isnt the most picturesque of all...

The metars predicted clear weather all the way up to prague, yet we were still caught offguard by
the sudden fog.

What was the traffic flow like at Prague? any "oh-dear" moments?

My approach took me in very quickly into the glideslope but I quickly found out, I was eighth on approach and had to slow down.
There was a bit of an "oh-dear" moment when the runway suddenly doomed up from behind the clouds.

Any comments on the controller's work that day?

Apart from forgetting to hand me off (laughs) , they did an excellent job...
although the ground controller was getting a little confuffled with 15 - 20 aircraft under his belt... hehe then again, who wouldnt?

How is the debrief for an everyday pilot?

Its nice to get down and see happy passengers leave the plane but also nice to have a drink and a bite to eat.
But I must say prague's café's are rather...(laughs)

A proper runway to hell that was!

Stay tuned on KVR , we will now not just be posting on events, but on a variety of activities on vatsim.

Thank you for listening/watching and special thanks to Mr.Sam Hudson pilot of EZY5495 and all those wonderful controllers!

Watch this Interview:
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