Europe's Pink Night event: An Anecdote

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Europe's Pink Night event: An Anecdote

Postby K Smurf » Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:40 pm

Europe Pink Night event: an anecdote

Hello everyone,

Today we're reporting the europe pink night event, no this event has nothing to with anything homosexual or anything of the sort.
But is an ode to how vatsim was "back in the day".
It remembers those who joined vatsim years ago how it was back then because the servinfo page then displayed europe's center-atc areas in pink.

About the event.
As the event in fact just consisted of the eurocontrols all across europe being online simultaneously, the KVR crew decided to do a Paris(LFPG) - Munich(EDDM) flight.

The start at LFPG did not have any atc but we didn't mind as that would give us the chance to make our way across the airport in peace (grin),
though we should remark for those of you who are not aware that Charles de Gaulle airport is a doozy to taxi across!

Takeoff was a dream and the sid LAN1V took us right around the airport providing us with a stunning view of CDG's supreme greatness
and one of our pilots' difficulties getting off the runway (laughs).

Flashforward to climbing through FL240 and finally being able to contact EuroControl West, I was able to listen to his supreme eurocontrol excellency direct traffic all across western europe after a short 2-way telegram.
...After His supreme excellency eurocontrol west came the eurocontrol Maastricht who also after a short 2-way radio burst let me proceed on my merry way.

All was well, I thought ... until I found myself overshooting my top of descent (much to the joy of the KVR-crew)...
this little mistake did not cost me my excellent flight however as I recovered..several thousand ft/min later.

The approach was a dream and we finally landed at Munich International Airport with out atc however.

I docked and set the apu on, was ready to open the doors and release my passengers so they could each go their own way...but to never forget this pleasant anecdote.
So they can spread the tale of a flight they did ... back in the day.

See you next time on KVR.

The End
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